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Skin Discovery Course

Nicole Juliette Aesthetics is delighted to offer a transformative 12-week skin course tailored to your needs. As your personal skin trainer and guide, Nicole is dedicated to helping you achieve radiant, healthy skin.


Comprehensive Program

Crafted specifically for each individual, this program is designed to kickstart the journey to luminous skin.

Progress Tracking

Throughout the course, progress will be monitored with comparison photos, allowing participants to celebrate successes and make adjustments as needed.


Professional Treatments

Rejuvenating treatments are provided to lay the foundation for skin renewal, targeting imperfections and revealing natural radiance.

Personalised Skincare Routine

Alongside professional treatments, participants will receive a personalised daily skincare routine to maintain optimal skin health and vitality between sessions.

Interested individuals are encouraged to email or call us. Let Nicole Juliette Aesthetics be your partner in making your dream skin a reality!

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